Polar Bear Breakfast Playdate

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Holiday and I had so much fun hosting a Polar Bear Breakfast Playdate this week for some of our little neighborhood friends!  Truth be told, I've been wanting to throw a Christmasy breakfast party for a few years and now that we're in our new house and have lots of little neighbors, it worked out perfectly!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to throw parties...big parties...with every detail imaginable.  I love this party because it was much smaller, had next to no budget and really just focused on using things I already had!  

So hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures and ideas and get some inspiration for throwing a fete of your own! 


Dining Room Aerial View.2.jpg

Instead of my normal "re-decorate the entire house for the party" plan, I kept the majority of the decorations in the Dining Room creating a big impact with a winterscape!  I initially planned on cutting out lots of snowflakes and hanging them from the ceiling, but the thoughts of the ladder and all of that fishing wire sounded monotonous, so I opted to float helium balloons from the ceiling and tie die-cut snowflakes onto the bottom.  Super easy and quick.  Since the party was first thing in the morning, I picked up the balloons the night before.  Helium balloons aren't quite like they used to be-- where they didn't make it through the day.  Some places, such as Party City, use higher quality helium.  You can also pay just a few cents more and have High Float added to your balloons which is an additive that will make them last longer.  I picked up these balloons almost 3 days ago as I sit here typing and 80% of them are STILL floating high! 

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For the table, I started with a basic white table cloth and then added these felt snowflake chargers that I bought a few years ago at The Dollar Store.  Leftover die-cut snowflakes filled in the empty space.  In the middle of the table, I purchased a few yards of shimmery blue material and kind of bunched it up creating a runner.  It was still looking a little flat, so on each end, under the blue shimmer fabric, I added two boxes and then covered with pieces of a Snow Blanket to create little icebergs for some of the polar bears to sit on!  The polar bears are Webkinz, which coincidentally aren't nearly as popular as they used to be and you can pick them up (at Target of Amazon) for just a few dollars each!  The polar bears were the take home party favors for all of the kids! 

Buffet Set up.jpg

What's a breakfast party without BREAKFAST?!!  For this party, I did a Belgian Waffle bar with fresh berries and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, hot cocoa bar and a few other fun treats! 

Belgian Waffle Bar.jpg

I have to share my most favorite Belgian Waffle recipe of all time!  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/belgian-waffles/detail.aspx

In order to not be standing over my waffle maker and having guests wait for each waffle to come off the iron, I made them all early that morning and put them in the oven on a cookie sheet on just the warm setting at 170'.  I did the same with the scrambled eggs.  It's always helpful at a party to have food that is either self-service or something that can easily be made in advance. 

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The hot cocoa bar ended up being one of my favorite little areas for the party.  Around 4 am, I was trying to set out all of the hot cocoa mugs on the counter and it wasn't having the impact I was looking for, so I pulled out my trusty old galvanized 3-tier stand from Pottery Barn.  I LOVE this stand and it's such a versatile piece if you like to host parties as much as I do! The space between the tiers is quite deep, opening up lots of possibilities for use and making it very functional. Of course my new favorite Williams Sonoma Hot Cocoa Pot and my wooden sign that was a gift from a dear friend many years ago!   I just love when all of these things I already had come together to create such a cute little area.  This type of set-up is adorable for all cold weather gatherings too!  

unnamed (10).jpg

Can I just take a minute to tell you how these teeny tiny hot cocoa mugs make my heart so happy?!  I purchased these quite a few years ago from Crate and Barrel knowing that one day I would have little ones who would love them as much as I do!  They no longer sell this exact mug, but if you're wanting a similar effect, search for espresso mugs! 

unnamed (11).jpg

Here you can get a bit of a better idea of their size compared to this over-sized Starbucks mug! 

unnamed (12).jpg

And let's talk about this super cute cake stand!   What you may not be able to tell from first glance is that this is just a plain white cake stand.  The red and stripe print is a cake plate cling!  As much as I love these clings, I have been reluctant to talk about them up until now because there is only one place manufacturing them and I had a bad experience with their customer service.  But sometimes a product is worth the hassle!  The red and white stripe is adorable for Christmas, Valentine's and even the Fourth of July!  Plus there are lots of other designs to choose from! I found my clings at www.whhostess.com

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Donut Tower.jpg
Polar Bear Food.jpg
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We also had a really fun crafting time at the party and made these cute paper plate polar bears!  

Polar Bear Crafts.4.jpg
Polar Bear Crafts.2.jpg
Dining Room Table with Polar Bears.jpg

All of the kids headed upstairs to play while their polar bears dried!  

Holiday's shirt was made by Whimsy Stitchery (Etsy)  Snowflake Necklace by Dazzled Darling Boutique   Snowflake Headband by The Ruffled Cupcake  Pink Pettiskirt by RuffleButts  Cream Double Ruffle Leggings by Persnickety  Black Livie and Luca Petals Shoes  

Holiday's shirt was made by Whimsy Stitchery (Etsy)

Snowflake Necklace by Dazzled Darling Boutique 

Snowflake Headband by The Ruffled Cupcake

Pink Pettiskirt by RuffleButts

Cream Double Ruffle Leggings by Persnickety

Black Livie and Luca Petals Shoes  

Mama Favors.jpg

Of course Mamas need favors too!  These adorable Christmas tins from Hobby Lobby were the perfect home for some Christmasy treats 

Mama Favors.2.jpg

One last picture-- these are the melamine trays all of the kids used for the party.  Often when I'm out shopping and see something cute, my brain immediately thinks ahead, envisioning how it would work in a party!  So when I see something I love like, these melamine trays or my beloved miniature hot cocoa mugs, I usually buy in quantities of at least 20!  Fortunately in our new house, I have an entire closet dedicated to my party serving supplies!  Again, with purchases like these, I've had a lot of versatility buying pieces in this red and blue color scheme.  This color combo has a very vintage feel to it and is just as Christmasy as it is summery!  

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