Let's Hear it for the BOYS!

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I am the person who everyone sends all of their shopping questions to.  I get calls, texts and emails on a daily basis that read something along the lines of, "You always know where to find everything, where can I find ______?!"  Fill in the blank! I'm like the full time concierge for my friends and family.  Everything from party supplies to Chesterfield sofas to glitz pageant swimsuits and origami wedding invitations-- I may have never before shopped for it, but I usually know where to find it.  BUT THE ONE QUESTION I HEAR OVER AND OVER IS THIS- WHERE DO I FIND CUTE BOYS CLOTHES!??!   Especially after my last blog post, Boutique on a Budget, my inbox was inundated with mamas asking that very question.  Even though I only have a daughter (so far), I'm always keeping my eyes open and making a list of designers who make boy's clothing that resonates with me and my style! 

Several of my mama friends have only boys and so many times when they see Holiday decked out in her latest get-up, they will sigh and say, "Oh, she makes me want a girl.  There just aren't cute clothes out there for boys!"  Now I will be the first to admit that there are WAY MORE options out there for girls clothing than there are for boys-- this cannot be denied.  But when you really think about it-- the same is true for men in general! When I look at my husband's side of the closet (well, quarter of the closet might be more accurate), I  see many variations of the same things-- jeans, t-shirts, button-downs, polos, sweaters and jackets.  Granted, he is a Silicon Valley IT Nerd so his wardrobe is quite casual, but still, there isn't much variation in men's clothing in general, so it's kind of easy to see why the same holds true for boy's clothing as well.  

But rest assured Mamas, MORE options do exist!  There are some brands you've likely never heard of that might just be right up your alley!  One of the benefits in the lack of variation in the male wardrobe is that there's not so much disparity between high end and lower end options. With my daughter's clothing, I can  pick up a garment and understand why it costs more with the level of detail, workmanship, fabric and embellishments that it was created with-- but that's not quite as common with boys clothes.  Now don't get me wrong, even though you see very similar looks between high and low end boys clothing, I know there can be a distinct difference in quality and workmanship.  But I also know (from my very scientific research at the Chickfila play area) that boys are just wired differently.  They will inevitably be hard on their clothes and it might not make as much sense to invest into their wardrobes when you can get a similar look for less. That being said,  I attempted to cover a wide range of prices and budgets.  There are obviously some popular, everyday mall brands that have great pieces, but my goal in this post was to  hopefully introduce you to some new brands and new ways to style your little dudes!


*All of the brand names listed at the top of each section are direct links to shop!

The Well Styled Child Top Picks for Boys


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