The Well Styled Child & Dazzled Darling Boutique GIVEAWAY!

It all started innocently enough.  For a few months I had been seeing these adorable beaded necklaces for little girls popping up all over the place.  The more I saw, I kept tracing them back to the same place, Dazzled Darling Boutique.  Imagine my surprise when I received my very first package and realized that she lived less than 20 minutes away from me-- it was the start of a beautiful friendship!!!  This was our very first fabulous necklace:


Holiday with her Baby Cousin Cody in Estes Park! 

Holiday with her Baby Cousin Cody in Estes Park! 

These days we have a few more necklaces... in fact, I might be slightly obsessed... 


That's most of them, but there's also... 




SO my dilemma now is that I feel like Holiday's outfits are incomplete without a matching necklace!  If I have new clothes for her, I don't put them on her until I have a matching necklace, headband and shoes!  You would think with 70ish necklaces we'd have something to match everything, but it's just not the case.  I've had so many necklaces custom made to match specific outfits that it makes them not super versatile.

I started thinking about how great it would be to have some simple, solid colored necklaces that would match a LOT of outfits and I asked my friend Jennifer Thomas at Dazzled Darling Boutique what the possibilities would be.  So she sent me this picture to see if this is what I had in mind... it was EXACTLY what I had in mind! 

turquoise wooden bead sets.jpg

I can just see all of the outfit possibilities racing through my head!!!! So my next question to her was how we could make them as affordable as possible for our blog readers and we came up with something FABULOUS!  On Thursday night, February 27th at 7:30 pm CST we will feature sets of FOUR of these adorable necklaces, the price for the entire set will be $40 (plus $6 for shipping).  If you're used to buying custom beaded necklaces, you know what a great deal this is!  AND HOW FABULOUS WOULD THESE BE IN EASTER BASKETS?!?  Especially if you're blessed to have more than one little fashionista in your home!  These necklace sets along with other special Easter surprises will all be on sale on Thursday on Dazzled Darling Boutique Facebook page! Here are a few more examples of the sets that will be available on Thursday night:

Necklace Set.1.jpg
Necklace Set.2.jpg

And now the extra special fun part-- a GIVEAWAY!!!! One of our readers will win this adorable set of THREE necklaces! 

Giveaway Necklaces.jpg


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Winner will be announced on Thursday evening right before the sale at Dazzled Darling Boutique!