I Love To Grow With You Valentine!

If you've followed me for any length of time, you've heard me rant on about my love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  As a creative person, one thing I love about Pinterest is that it's constantly challenging and stretching me to come up with new ideas not already contained within its easily searchable boards and pins.  There are plenty of ideas I find and copy, but I love the challenge of making myself think about the next idea.  Cue Valentine's Day!  

I already had it on my radar that I wanted to come up with something new and unique. Classroom valentines are a little bit challenging because-- if your child's classroom is anything like mine-- not only will your child be bringing home enough candy to rival any Halloween stash, you're likely trying to work around umpteen food allergies.  

And then I saw these... 

Paper Source is just one of those stores that inspires me ALL the time.  

So obviously I wanted to do a take home, planter type of a valentine featuring these adorable plantable seeds.  I think you could make this Valentine a simple one (and less expensive), or take it to the next level and provide everything someone would need to plant these at home! 

These seeds were $8.95/ bag at Paper Source.  In each of my little cello bags, I placed 6 seeds-- 2 of each color (red, pink, white).  One bag of plantable seeds was enough to make 17 mini cello bags of hearts. 

I rolled down the top of the mini 6x4 cello bags twice and secured with heart stickers, also purchased at Paper Source.

Next I took a slightly larger cello treat bag, filled with a heaping scoop of potting soil and secured (tightly) with ribbon.  I purposely tied these as tight as possible, so none of the 3 and 4 year olds in Holiday's class would be able to dump this on themselves or in the car on the way home from school! 

Now I needed the perfect, portable, non breakable flower pots to put them in.  I found just what I was looking for at IKEA for $.99 each!  

I wanted to make sure these little Valentine gifts were fully functional, so I knew it needed a liner on the inside that would allow the soil to drain and the flowers to grow!  I found this pack of 30 four inch pots on Amazon for $6.77 and they fit the IKEA pots perfectly! The IKEA pots say that they have a partially drilled drainage hole in the bottom that you can tap through easily with a screw drive.  However, they would create a need for a tray or something underneath to catch excess water, so this liner seemed like a really good solution.

Of course I wanted to include a Valentine card for the inside that had all of the instructions and a place for Holiday to sign her name.  

I had a few ideas on how to make the packaging more elaborate, but this will be the most simple way for Holiday's preschool classmates to take them home.  To include all of these pieces, these ended up being around $1.50 each to make.  I always have a huge stash of cello bags so I didn't need to buy those or any paper/ ink for my printer.  

Now if you didn't want to go all out, or if your class only allows cards, You could definitely do the cards with just the little cello seed bags attached.  Still super cute and creative!  A child could easily plant these at home in a styrofoam cup! 

I attached them together with a mini pink clothes pin (available at any craft store, especially in the baby part supply aisle), but you could do heart safety pins or even staple them if you wanted to. 



Paper Source Plantable Heart Seeds 

Paper Source Heart Stickers

IKEA Socker Planters 

4 Inch Drainable Flower Pot Liners

6 inch x 4 inch mini cellophane bags 

6 inch x 8 inch cellophane bags for potting soil