Favorite Hair Care Picks For Littles

I had a lengthy, grueling home birth when I had Holiday more than 4 years ago!  I wouldn't change a second of it, but I pushed my body 200% beyond what I thought I was capable of and still kept going!  I had my first good, real contractions Wednesday around 11 am and gave birth Friday afternoon at 1pm.  About 17 hours of that time was super, hard active labor.  I only remember opening my eyes twice in the last few hours.  I had to reserve every last bit of energy I had left!  I remember feeling SO relieved when they told me it was time to push-- FINALLY-- I was at the end, about to finally see my baby girl!  Little did I know I had a full hour of pushing ahead of me.  Holiday turned her head right before I started pushing and every time her little head would start to crown, she would slide right back up again.  Every time I would get a really good push in, everyone kept shouting, "Look at all that hair!"  All I remember thinking was, "Please stop saying that, let's just get her here!"  But it's true, she was born with a TON of hair.  My grandmother kept warning me it was all going to fall out, but it never did-- it's just kept growing, growing and growing!  I get asked on a daily basis if, A: Did she come out with a ton of hair? And, B:  What do you use in hair to keep it so pretty? 

Holiday at six days old 

Holiday at six days old 


Since I get asked the question of what products I use in Holiday's hair SO often, I decided to do a feature post so I'd have a quick reference to send people to!  I feel like I have tried every product on the market.  I'm always searching for the most superior products in every category, and this is no exception.  I've spared no expense, buying super high end products-- all the while searching for what will work best for her.  Holiday's hair is a medium weight and is naturally wavy/ curly. However the length and thickness of her hair, somewhat weigh out the curl these days, but we have tangles-- do we ever!  I've found that if I leave it curly, the tangles are the worst and I find myself having to wash/ condition/ brush it daily to keep the knots and tangles at bay. However, if I blow dry it with a round brush-- I can keep it looking silky, smooth and tangle free for a good 4 days or so.  

Good shampoos have been so hard to find.  It always seems that as soon as I find something I like, after a few weeks or a month, it would start to cause build-up and leave her hair looking dull and weighed down. I heard someone mention a product called Not a Knot Conditioner from KidsCounter by BeautyCounter.  I knew nothing about BeautyCounter, but ordered their shampoo and conditioner a year ago and have never looked back!  It is THE best shampoo and conditioner duo we have ever used!  Admittedly, I was weary of trying (and spending money on) new products, but the price point was good and the packaging was adorable!  I'm a sucker for beautiful looking, well-pakaged products! 

I found out after placing my first order that BeautyCounter is a multi-level marketing company.  Not only are they an MLM, but they are a company that is totally committed to safe and natural products.  So not only do I have hair products that work SUPER well, I can also feel good about using them on my little one!  It was a totally backwards way to get into an MLM, but the products are seriously just THAT good. 

Step ONE:  Nice Do Shampoo 

Steps THREE and FOUR:  The Wet Brush 

While the Not a Knot Conditioner is still on the hair, brush through with a Wet Brush.  If you ever have to brush a child's tangled hair and you do not yet own a Wet Brush, you will wonder where this little miracle-worker has been all your life!  I would buy TWO Wet Brushes.  I specifically keep one in the bath tub to brush through conditioner and keep a "clean" one in the drawer to brush through clean hair after bath or any other time.  If you brush through the clean hair with the brush you used in the tub (even after rinsing), you'll be putting conditioner back into the hair.  I keep Wet Brushes everywhere as they are a staple for my own hair routine!  We even have one of the mini versions that stays in my purse!  


Step FIVE:  Curly Hair 

After rinsing super well, towel drying and brushing through with the clean Wet Brush, if I want to leave Holiday's hair curly, I put in a dime sized amount (or less) of the Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls. I just rub between my hands and work through her hair and comb through. I will generally then do a regular braid and she'll sleep in it overnight, allowing it to air dry.  

Step SIX:  Straight Hair 

If I'm going to leave Holiday's hair straight, after towel drying and brushing through with the Wet Brush, I first spray with Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Spray.  I believe this product is a Birchbox exclusive.  I love it on my hair too! 

After working through the Beauty Protector, I work through a TINY bit of this SeaExtend Silkening Treatment from Aquage and then section her hair off and blow dry with a round brush.  

At 4, post 6 inch hair cut 

At 4, post 6 inch hair cut 

Comparing hair notes, tips and tricks! 

Comparing hair notes, tips and tricks! 

So THERE you have our hair regimen!  Hope you find and fall in love with some of these awesome products as I have!  I wanted to take a minute and share a little bit more with you about Beauty Counter.  After falling in love with the shampoo and conditioner, I met a sweet lady, Erin Harrison who is a rep for Beauty Counter.  She introduced me to all of the wonderful ingredients and philopsophy behind Beauty Counter products and now I love them even MORE!  Here's a GREAT VIDEO on BeautyCounter as well that will give you more information.  I decided to try the Squeaky Clean Body Wash on Holiday.  She has EXTREMELY sensitive skin and up until now, there has only been one, expensive specialty baby body wash that I have been able to use on her.  When I tried to switch (even to natural and clean products) she would almost immediately get dry and irritated skin.  I'm happy to report that we've been using Squeaky Clean now and LOVE it! 


Here's some more AWESOME information about Beauty Counter Products.  If you have any questions, want to order or explore more of their awesome products, you can check out Erin's site at:  http://www.beautycounter.com/erinharrison

She also has a Facebook Page HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/604865619649331/