Dressed in Holiday Style: DISNEY Edition

We just got back from an AMAZING 8 days in Walt Disney World!  Our last trip was exactly two years ago in February 2015 and I've admittedly been planning Holiday's outfits for this trip since we returned! Of course I follow oodles of handmade boutiques and see Disney designs daily, but I think my own personal Disney style is slightly different from the norm.  I see a lot of people buying character prints.  And while I do have two of those in the group of outfits below, I really like bolder styles and patterns inspired by the characters.  I love having a sweet little outfit and bloomers that looks as if it was cut from the same cloth as Minnie's dress versus a dress with little Minnie characters on it.  I just love how adorable the bolder styles look in pictures versus having to look closely to see what character is on the dress.

With going at the beginning of February, we truly had beautiful weather for walking all day, every day through the parks!  We had to layer jackets and sweaters for the morning and evenings.  We also had one chilly day in the mix that we had to plan for as well (why you'll see some sweaters and long sleeves in the mix).  We didn't end up wearing every single one of these outfits, but this is what I packed for Holiday. 

I also wanted to make a note about shoes.  I have a lot of Mini Melissas paired with these outfits.  On both this trip and our trip in 2015, we had an identical experience.  Holiday wore Mini Melissa's the first day and they rubbed her feet too much and so she didn't wear them much after that (except for a few hours at dinner or special character meals).  I bought her a pair of super cute sparkly Pumas (pictured with the Little Mermaid outfit) that were great to switch out for.  I also put her in adorable knee highs and Livie and Luca Ruches on several days and they were perfectly adorable AND comfortable! 

This SUPER twirly Mouseketwirl top (fits more like a dress for Holiday) is from JK Heirloom. Bloomers are from Amazon (link below)  Shoes are Mini Melissa and the headband is from One Stop Bow Shop. Doll is from Little Sunshine Creations 

Even though I'm not super big on the little character prints, I HAD to make an exception for this exquisite set from Gabriella Design Studio.  It seriously makes me swoon every time I see Holiday in it.  In the morning and evening we paired it with this little Mini Boden sweater.  Knee socks are Little Jeffries, Shoes are Livie and Luca Ruches and headband is from Hanna Andersson 

Just a little closeup of this Beauty and the Beast fabric 

Another completely adorable swing top from JK Heirloom paired with polka dot leggings, also from JK Heirloom. Shoes are Ruches from Livie and Luca and Minnie Ears Headband is from The Disney Store.  Doll is Squishy Bee. 

Another amazing creation from JK Heirloom!  I paired these with bloomers I found on Amazon (link below).  To make it look more Belle-ish, I paired it with these Jason Wu for Mini Melissa Red Shoes and Red Headband from Hanna Andersson.  Cogsworth and Lumiere are from The Disney Store! 

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I'm in LOVE with these character inspired dress up "aprons" from Ross and Rosie Designs.  I pair them with a simple tutu underneath (along with Monkey Bar Shorties)  for fullness and the little ruffle sleeve plain top is from Persnickety.  The boutique that made the Cinderella necklace is out of business, headband is from Hanna Andersson, shoes are Mini Melissa.  Jaq and Gus are from the Disney collection at JC Penney. 

This super sweet, completely comfy dress is from Sweet Petunia Clothing.  Mouse ears hat was a souvenir from our last Disney trip!  Paired this with Livie and Luca black Ruches and knee high socks from Little Jeffries. 

Another AMAZING dress-up Apron from Ross and Rosie Designs!  I paired this Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday inspired creation with Red Shoes (Jason Wu for Mini Melissa) along with a basic ruffle sleeve top from Persnickety Clothing Company.  Hat is from Hat and Mouse (Etsy/ Instagram).  Parasol and lace gloves from Amazon.  I also put the white bloomers under this set (link below). 

Adorable hand pained Snow White Tee from Chick-a-tee-Shu (Etsy) paired with glitter tutu from Cat and Jack, Target.  Headband is from One Stop Bow Show.  Shoes are Jason Wu for Mini Melissa

Another adorable dress-up apron, this one Rapunzel inspired, from Ross and Rosie Designs.  Ross and Rosie also made the hairpiece.  Shoes are Mini Melissa, Basic Ruffle Tee is from Persnickety.  We paired this with a simple tutu for fullness. 

In love with this Mickey Dress from Sweet Petunia Clothing.  We paired this with red Converse and black headband from Hanna Andersson. 

Totally cute and comfy outfit we wore for a travel day.  This Pearl (dress/top) is from Tessa's Trunk.  The cropped pants are Sweet Petunia Clothing.  Minnie/Mickey shoes are from Mini Melissa and headband is Hanna Andersson. 

Another totally adorable hand-painted shirt from Chick-a-Tee-Shu. Tutu is from the Hairbow Company, Shoes are Puma (Nordstrom) and headband is Hanna Andersson

We had one fairly chilly day during our Disney stay- we wore this top we bought on our first day at the Disney Store in Disney Springs.  The leggings are from GAP, headband is One Stop Bow Shop. 

GAP Mickey Leggings are still available here

Closeup of the adorable, glitter Mickey heads on these leggings. 

I took this outfit in anticipation of the chilly days the forecast was calling for when we were packing for the trip.  This super cute applique dress and leggings are from Lemon Loves Lime (fall 2016).  Boots are Ugg and Headband is from Hanna Andersson. 

This applique SO reminded me of Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom! 

I wanted to share these two different bloomers I found on Amazon.  We wore them with so many cute things on this trip.  They work so well with many of our boutique, hand-made tops and dresses.  They were so inexpensive, but so worth it! 

Longer Pantaloon Bloomer HERE

Shorter/ Brook's Treehouse Ruffle Bloomer HERE

Here are a few pictures of these super cute outfits in action!