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Soooo… I’ve had a draft of this blog ALMOST ready to go since December 1st… but then the chaos that is the Christmas season ensued leaving me susceptible to the Christmas season bugs and germs that have left me feeling under the weather. So in a last ditch effort with only SIX DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS, I went shopping upstairs, in my house, through all of Holiday’s favorite things to find you an awesome selection of stocking stuffers that will actually fit IN the stocking (at least the Pottery Barn Kids variety) and get to you in time for the big day! Anything highlighted in blue is a shopping link. For each item, I found you a retailer that can still get you the goods in time for Christmas Eve. Most all of the items are Amazon Prime with a few exceptions. This isn’t just junk we have, it’s all stuff that is well loved and regularly played with. In fact, as I was setting out all of the things to photograph, Holiday was hovering around confirming over and over that I wasn’t selling or giving away anything on this table (I know my BST mamas can relate!) So, if you’re still in need of tiny treasures to fill your stockings, I hope you get some good ideas and good links to order here! Some of these things might look too gender specific, but many of the links below will take you to a variety of each item to choose from. Happy Shopping!!!


The Christmas Star Wand: This little piece of magic connects to your Christmas tree and is a wand to turn it on and off with a magical twinkling sound!!! Find it here

Maileg Tiny Mice and Other Lovable Creatures: We have an adorable collection of Maileg. They remind me of all things Brambly Hedge and are so inspiring to little imaginations. You’ll want to upgrade to Priority Shipping, but they have very reasonable rates. Find it here

Ostheimer Wooden Animals: We are obsessed with all things Ostheimer here. The quality and beauty begs to be played with. We have been collecting sets of animals for each season. The seals, penguins and polar bears will help us celebrate all winter long. Find it here


Learning Resources Magnifying Glasses: These are an ideal stocking stuffer, especially if you have more than one child. You can get a whole set and each child can have their own color! Find it here

There’s a FANDEX For That! Fandex sets have come up on the blog several times, here you can kind of see US Presidents, the 50 States and Butterflies peeking out. Fandex are super fun, interactive fact cards for nearly every topic imaginable— even superheroes and Star Wars! Find it here

Eeboo Pretend Play Sets: I just happened to pick up this Eeboo Pretend Play school set for Holiday last year and she plays with it ALLLL the time. I was really excited to find several other themed sets like this one! Choose from Restaurant, School, Grown Up, Veterinarian, Showtime, and World Traveler. Find it here

Animalz Spa Face Masks: So there’s this adorable penguin face mask and they also have a Rudolph version that might not make it in time for Christmas BUTTTT, these Creme Shop Face Masks are ready to ship, available on Prime and highly rated! Find it here

Mudpuppy 12 Piece Pouch Puzzles: These are the PEFECT puzzles for your little ones with only 12 super fun, jumbo pieces. I love that they come in a resealable zipper pouch to store. I have more puzzle options that will fit in your stockings below for your older ones. There are quite a few different designs for these 12 piece ones— find them all on the link! Find it here

Letters To Me When I Grow Up: This little set got cut out of the picture— you can see the end of it on the far right, but these are an ADORABLE addition for your Christmas stockings. It’s a series of letters with writing prompts for your little ones to write and answer now with the intent to read at some point down the road— maybe high school graduation or beyond. These make wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Find it here


Felt Animal Play Masks: If you’ve followed my blog for a long time, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of adorable felt animal play masks. I’ve had a huge collection since Holiday’s first birthday. “Way back then” they were a specialty item you could only buy from hand-crafters on Etsy. I thought it was so cool to find a huge collection of them on AMAZON now! Find it here

Learning Resources Dinosaur Collection: I don’t know what it is about this specific set of dinos, but they are well loved at this house— not only by Holiday, but by the many children who come to play. This is a set of 5, so you could fill one entire stocking with them, or split them up among several little ones. Find it here

Smart Games Logic Games: These games are all the rage here— from ages 1 to 92—there’s a Smart Games for you. Their travel editions (pictured here with the foxes, bunnies and mushrooms) are the perfect size for stockings. Larger, full-sized versions are great gifts for under the tree! The one I have pictured here is called Jump’IN. All of the Smart Games have varying and increasing levels of difficulty. This specific game is for 6+— Holiday was able to jump in (no pun intended) and play, but even my husband (Google engineer) was challenged by some of the harder challenges towards the back of the book. Find it here

Bananagrams Game: In my “young adult” days, my friends and I loved playing what we called Speed Scrabble. These days, someone has capitalized on Speed Scrabble by taking the same idea (mostly) and creating Bananagrams. As a homeschooling mama, I feel like there are so many wonderful ways to utilize these letter tiles for building early literacy and far beyond! Find it here

Mobi The Numerical Tile Number Game in a Whale Pouch: In the same spirit of Banangrams, we have Mobi which is a tiled number game. Think Scrabble with numbers with all the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)— you can use as many (or as few) operations as you’d like and make it as challenging or as simple as you’d like. Find it here

Instax Film: I’ve recommended the Instax instant camera several times on the blog. As I know many of you already have these cameras at home, Christmas stockings are a GREAT time to stock up on film! Holiday has gone through phases with her Instax camera. It sat for almost two years, but now at 8 she’s taken a renewed interest in it and uses it ALL THE TIME. There are all kinds of cute options for film if you want more than just the plain white, but plain white is usually your best value. (Side note- it’s all called “mini” film, I know that throws some people off sometimes). Find it here

Instax Instant Camera: Think Polaroid, but smaller. Holiday first got her camera four years ago when she was four. She used it regularly for a few months (I bought film in bulk at Costco), but then she kind of fizzled on it for awhile. However, over the past year, she has taken a renewed interest in it and uses is constantly. Right now, she has a bulletin board by her desk and takes selfies with every friend and family member who visits and is creating a friend wall— it’s so adorable! They come in a variety of colors, some of the deluxe packs with film are going to be your best route. Find it here


Crocodile Creek Cylinder Puzzles: Great quality puzzles that will fit into a stocking? Yes please! Crocodile Creek has lots of beautiful, high quality puzzles with every theme imaginable. Most of the poster versions in the cylinder containers are 100-200 pieces. The “poster puzzles” also include a poster of the entire image. Find it here

Hazel Village Stuffed Animals: The amazing fox and mouse stuffed animals in adorable scarves are from Hazel Village. Another favorite, wonderful company I’ve featured before. They are heirloom quality stuffed friends with adorable clothing options that add to the timeless appeal. They just make me so happy every time I see them in Holiday’s room! Find it here

Maileg Matchbox Mice: See links above

Hydro Flask (aka The Best Ever Kids Water Bottle): Well, actually, pretty much the best drinking bottles for everyone, for all time— seriously, they’re that good! They are of the “ice stays solid for 24-48 hours,” and far surpasses Yeti variety. This specific one is the perfect size for kids. Find it here or Find everything Hydro Flask here

The Best Comfy Slipper Socks with No-Slip Soles: These comfy house socks with grippers are just begging to be added to your kids’ Christmas stockings. The ones I have pictured are from Hanna Andersson, BUT I recently discovered equal amazingness on AMAZON and in perfect Christmasy hues! Find it here

Kids Bluetooth Headphones: Gotta love gifts that are both adorable and practical. I have previously recommended the Lil’ Gadgets brand of bluetooth headphones in the past. Holiday’s finally broke after nearly 4 years of heavy use and I replaced with these ones from Riwbox and have found them to be even better. They are way more versatile, connect more efficiently and don’t need to use a cord (The Lil’ Gadgets ones require a cord for some devices). Don’t be thrown off by the pink— they come in several ADORABLE color schemes! Find it here


Fandex: Info and links listed above

Peaceable Kingdom Card Games: Small card games are a great stocking stuffer if you don’t already have these in your game stash. Peaceable Kingdom makes nice, heavy quality, coated cards with vibrant illustrations. Find Go Fish Here or Find Old Maid Here (note: some of the reviewers weren’t crazy about this specific set of Old Maid cards, so I linked a variety of brands)

Eeboo Create a Story: Your budding storytellers will LOVE the Create a Story card games from Eeboo. I only have the Mixed Up Fairy Tales version pictured, but there are quite a lot of these sets, with all different amazing themes to choose from! Find it here

Rory’s Story Cubes: Another great stocking stuffer for ALL ages! I love how these rolling cube story games develop a child’s narrating and story telling abilities. These are truly great for the whole family! Find it here

Uno Cards: Uno was one of my favorite games as a child, and it’s an enduring favorite for Holiday too. We play a LOT of board games around here, but Uno regularly makes it into the mix. I don’t think this Wellie Wishers themed set is available any longer, BUT there are all kinds of themed sets or just the regular version. Find it here

Jacks: Aunts and Grandmas alike seem to love playing Jacks with the kids. This is a great little game to have around for the Christmas season (and Holiday approved!) Find it here


Melissa and Doug Stacking Snowman: This little guy has been around since Holiday’s first Christmas and it is still well loved. It now mostly sits on the book shelves with our Christmas books. This one is available on Prime for AFTER Christmas delivery, BUT you can get it in time from Walmart! Find it here If you really need everything from Amazon Prime, find this adorable (not pictured) Stacking Penguin, also from Melissa and Doug HERE

Mudpuppy Alphabet Magnets: These come in two color schemes if this set is too girly for you. The patterns and color are so vibrant and engaging. We have used these magnets in countless ways throughout the years for both learning time and play time! Find it here Find lots of other adorable Mudpuppy magnet sets HERE

Schylling Taxi Cab and School Bus: These are super adorable, stand-the-test-of-time, must haves. We brought the taxi cab home from New York City and Holiday has had (and loved) the school bus forever. Pull them back and watch them take off! Find the taxi cab HERE find school bus HERE

Mini Flashlights: Something about a kid and flashlights! Get this 4 pack of minis in great colors with glow-in-the-dark handles! Find it here

The Christmas Eve Tree Mini Pop-Up Book: Totally delightful little book (and I love how the taxi cab toy fits in with the city theme!) This is a great Christmas read to add to your collection. Children, young and old alike, will love these pop-ups! Find it here (this link is for Barnes and Noble to ensure Christmas delivery). See it HERE to see the Amazon review and information

Mudpuppy (NOT JUST FOR GIRLS) Diaries: ALL kids like to have their thoughts and ideas under lock and key! While we have this horse diary from Mudpuppy, there’s a theme out there for every kid— including dinosaurs, robots, pirates and more! Find it here

Chunkies Paint Sticks: I have blogged and raved about these more times than I can count. Still a favorite around here. One of our favorite ways to create with them is to draw outlines and then go back in with water colors as the paint sticks will resist the paint! We’ve made so many adorable creations with these! Find it here

Mungyo Soft Chalk Pastel Set: This is the perfect chalk pastel starter set for kids. I enjoy using this set myself. There’s a great selection of colors and the chalk lays beautifully. Find it here


Bluetooth Headphones, Chalk Pastels, and Schylling School Bus: Links and info above

NOYO Color Gel Crayons, Nontoxic, With Water Colors Effects: NOYO Crayons are really fun to use, add a water paintbrush like the ones listed directly below for an amazing effect that’s all washable! Find it here

Small Meaning Watercolor Brush Set: These watercolor brushes are a MUST HAVE for kids! The brushes, with a variety of brush tips, have a water reservoir in each brush! It always seems like the water cups are inevitably tipped over onto everyone’s art work, so I LOVE that the water is contained in the brush! Find it here

The Erasable Markers I’m Always Talking About: This is my, hands-down, favorite for every stocking, Easter basket, and birthday gift. These amazing erasable markers are a must-have. The colors lays down vibrantly and they erase easily! No more fear of using markers on permanent or school projects! Find it here

Crayola Model Magic: Model Magic is so addictively fun to play with! Lots less mess than Play-Doh- not to mention the potential for Play-Doh disasters. Model Magic is way easier to use than clay- plus, it sets up and dries out for lasting creations! The perfect stocking stuffer! Find it here

Ooly Double Dip, Double Tip Scented Markers: We just got these last week and they were an instant favorite! Thick tip on one end and a fine tip on the opposite end, all with super fun scents! These are an after Christmas item on Amazon BUT, will arrive by 12/24 when purchase directly from Ooly’s site! Find it here

The Miracle Melting Everything: We discovered the Miracle Melting sets a few years ago and now have them for pretty much every holiday. They’re much like silly putty, but have fun, plastic accessories included to build a snowman or decorate a Christmas tree, etc! Find it here

Pelikan Watercolor Paint Box: This is an awesome set of watercolor paints for kids. It comes in a great plastic box with stacking trays as well as palette wells to mix your own colors. We have used this regularly for several years now and it is still going strong. Find it here

Kids Headlamp: My husband loves his headlamp and Holiday has followed suit! The one we have pictured is from LL Bean, but there are lots of great ones, ready to ship now, in a variety of colors on Amazon! Find it here

Kids Book Lights: While the above headlamp could double as a book light, there are also lots of great options for kid-friendly book lights for your littlest bookworms! Find it here


Links and info are listed for all of these items above… except…

Sarah’s Silks: There are actually two items here— mostly what you’re seeing is the Giant Rainbow Playsilk. This one measures 9ft x 3ft and has endless possibilities for play. Around here, it is most often used for fort building. Find the HUGE rainbow silk HERE Sitting on top of the rainbow silk is the rainbow silk wand from Sarah’s Silks Rainbow Streamer Wand. This is available in several color varieties. Find it here