Red, White & CUTE

It probably comes as no surprise to you that HOLIDAY clothing pieces are some of my favorites to buy, curate, and hoard! Of course I’m a sucker for all of the fall and Christmas releases, but coming in at a close 3rd position are all the red, white and blue. To me, these colors scream summertime and are appropriate from Memorial Day through Labor Day. I didn’t realize how many pretty patriotic pieces we had until I started digging through our collection. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today and give you an idea of how I’m accessorizing them. I need to add a quick note— on our recent Disney trip, Holiday’s entire suitcase was lost by the airline and never made it to our hotel. I had both her red and navy Mary Janes packed for that trip and haven’t had a chance to replace those yet. At the end, I’ll share some of my favorite shoe options not pictured. I LOVE knee socks and Mary Janes and I think they would be a versatile and fantastic match for every single one of these outfits! Because we wear knee socks so much, I’ve been stocking up on Jeffries from Amazon and have been super happy with them!


This dress was purchased very recently from Momi Boutique and is called The Land of the Free Platinum Party Dress. I think the fabrics have been slightly updated since I purchased this one, but I actually like the new fabrics even better, but the main ones remain the same. Momi Boutique has lots of great patriotic pieces and she generally always ships very quickly! SEE THEM ALL HERE

Styling/ Accessories: Have paired this with classic red Natives. You could also do white or red sandals or Mary Janes and white knee highs. I have the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson paired with this


This is the Nelly Madison Summer on the Farm Hannah Dress. If you can’t find this dress, Nelly Madison has some other adorable patriotic pieces IN STOCK right now- SEE THEM HERE! This is from last year, but available on the BST Boards. I love the versatility of this dress and it just begs to be paired with Old West Cowgirl Boots! Again paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband


One of my MOST FAVORITE Nelly Madison pieces ever- Take Me Out To The Ballgame Hannah Dress with matching bloomers. This is also from last year, but available on the boards. See current Nelly Madison Patriotic Pieces Here. For shoes, you could go a myriad of directions with this— when wearing this last year, we did Mary Janes w/ white knee highs. I have pictured here the Livie and Luca for Matilda Jane Blue To Me Posey Sandal. Also pictured are classic white Saltwater Sweetheart Sandal in White. Again, paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband


I need to say that this Beaufort Bonnet Company Dress is much more adorable in person! This is called the Maerin Fitz Frock and TBBC has recently expanded some of their items up to a size 8. It’s just classic. I didn’t know if it was too young for Holiday, but when I showed it to her, she LOVED it— so I will buy this style for as long as she will wear it! She watches a lot of old-fashioned shows like Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best where the little girls still dress like little girls, so I think that helps! This BEGS to be paired with classic white knee highs and Mary Janes. I have Jeffries Knee Highs linked at the top and several Mary Jane options at the end of this post. Again paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.


If you haven’t tried Wildflowers Clothing yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! This set (it comes w/ matching shorts) is PERFECT for patriotic holidays and all summer long. I think this would even be cute for early fall with a sweet cardi. This is called the Anna Claire Dress Set and retails for $56. I liked how this paired with the white Saltwater Sweetheart Sandals. Again pairing with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.


Closeup of this fabric


Farm Days Pieced Skirt Hummingbird from Quinn’s Closet. This was a limited release, but check the Quinn’s Closet Resale page for it! I paired this with some super cute plain white bloomers I bought on Amazon. It hits Holiday just so you see a tiny bit of the cute, white, eyelet trim at the bottom— Find Them HERE. Again paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.

Here’s a closeup of the pieced hummingbird tunic— so many beautiful fabrics here!

Here’s a closeup of the pieced hummingbird tunic— so many beautiful fabrics here!


So- the Wellington Boots on the skirt, make me want to pair it with Wellingtons, of course. The red Hunter boots are a great match, but might be hot for summer, so I have also shown it with the super lightweight Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boot. Of course the classic Saltwater Sweetheart Sandal would also work well.


Another dress that’s actually new for this season is from Mustard Pie— it’s called the Strawberry Field Isadora Dress. If you’d like to find this dress, I would search for it by name and see which retailers have your size in stock. In pictures I paired this with the Old West boot, but I think it could be equally as cute with simple sandals or Mary Janes with knee socks. As always, paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.


One more favorite Nelly Madison piece from last year. This is called the Land of the Free Christina Dress. You could find it on Nelly Madison Resale Boards (via Facebook) or check out their in-stock patriotic pieces HERE. Added the simple white headband bow from Hanna Andersson and the Saltwater Sweetheart Sandal in white.


The T-Strap Mary Janes from Mini Boden were in our lost Disney suitcase. I was sad to have lost these, but recently ordered these in navy. These run big on Holiday, so I size down in them somewhat for her. The one glitch I have with them is that, with rough play, I did notice some of the color fading on the toe with our mustard ones from last fall. See the Mini Boden T-Strap Mary Jane HERE. I expect these to be added in new colors for the upcoming fall collection.


We don’t actually own these, but how can you not love these Halley Ballet Flats from Livie and Luca?!


Also in our lost Disney suitcase, these super classic Navy Ruches from Livie and Luca. These should be re-stocked in new colors with the fall release. These shoes are HARDY, super comfortable and look like new even after many wears.


Bunny Basket Bonanza!

Bunny Basket Ideas Cover Photo.jpg

Easter will be here before you know it!  Stores are already lining their shelves with Peeps, jellybeans and the run of the mill Easter basket fillers.  I won't pull any punches here, Easter is like mini Christmas at our house.  I love, love, LOVE to give gifts and this is a great excuse to put something fabulous together!  It makes my heart happy when a filled Easter basket looks cohesive and thematic and is chock full of super fun, beyond the ordinary goodies!  Please don't be put off by my Easter basket superiority-- I'm the kind of person that when throwing a baby shower, has to make sure that all of the little gifts for games have a matching color story and look cohesive and beautiful sitting there in the container!   I am ALWAYS on the lookout for great little products that I think my kids will love and enjoy playing with so I always keep a running list.  I hope that maybe you can find a few goodies in here to make your baskets absolute perfection this year!  And if not-- Peeps and jellybeans are always good too! 

You are about to see so many ideas, that sometimes choosing a theme might help you narrow down your selections!  You could focus a basket on fun springtime activities to do outside now that the weather will (hopefully) be warming up, fast forward to summer and stock your basket with summertime essentials, arts and crafts themed basket, keep it traditional Easter or go for a Peter Rabbit inspired haul, Science themed, Dinosaurs or just pick a color scheme and use that as your jumping off point-- the possibilities are endless.  So as always, be inspired! By the way, each of the item descriptions are direct links to purchase! 

For the Baby Bunnies 

Baby Boy Collage.jpg

1.  Mud Pie Easter Fedora Your little man will look ADORABLE in this fedora, other colors available on Amazon!

2.  Mud Pie Patchwork Clip-On Tie 

3.  Duck Baby Booties 

4.  Mud Pie EIEIO Light Up Bath Ducks:  I have to comment that these are STILL my favorite bath toy for my now (almost) 3.5 year old.  She loves having tons of rubber duckies in the bath and these are NOT squirty-- which means they don't hold water and don't get moldy!!!  Plus, how cool is it that they light up when they touch the water?  We have two sets of them-- three years and going strong! 

5.  Jellycat Bashful Duckling Soother Blanket 

6.  Mud Pie Paci Tie 

7.  Mud Pie Pacifier Clip Bow Tie

8.  Pottery Barn Kids Sun Hat 

9.  Pottery Barn Kids Diaper Cover

Peter Rabbit Organics.jpg

10.  Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food Pouches:  These were Holiday's favorite food pouches when she still ate purees!  And even if your toddlers and preschoolers still like the applesauce pouches, the Apple Grape is fabulous! You can buy them in cases of 10 packs of a single flavor on Amazon or some grocery stores carry them.  I bought them often at Albertson's (Texas based grocery store), 10/$10  

Baby Girl Collage.jpg

11.  Pottery Barn Kids Sun Hat

12.  Pink Bird Baby Booties 

13.  Bunny Headbands: (these are great for little girls of all ages)! 

14.  Pottery Barn Kids Diaper Cover

15.  Large Monogrammed Plush Easter Bunny:  This is SO ridiculously cute!  You can customize this for a boy or a girl and choose to have both the belly and ear monogrammed or just one or the other.  AND it's only $25! 

16.  Mud Pie EIEIO  Light Up Rubber Duck Set:  THE BEST rubber duckies around.  They are NOT squirty toys so they don't hold water and don't get moldy!

17.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny Soother       

18.  Baby Bunny Booties:  These are RIDICULOUSLY cute!!!

19.  Baby Bunny Slippers 

My Peter Rabbit Obsession 

Peter Rabbit Collage.1.jpg
Peter Rabbit Box Set.jpg

24.  The Tales of Peter Rabbit Box Set:  We own this set of books and I cannot say enough good things about it.  We have a large, beautifully bound Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit, but this set is especially precious.  Holiday loves the small size of the books and I also happen to collect vintage copies of these books and the originals were this small size as well.  Renee Zelwegger starred as Beatrix Potter in the film Miss Potter (2006).  If you love Beatrix Potter as much as I do, I HIGHLY recommend the movie!  It will make you love these little books and tales all the more!  

Peter Rabbit Collage.2.jpg

25.  Touch and Count with Peter Rabbit:  At 3.5, Holiday still loves board books now that she is sounding out words and in the beginning stages of reading.  And, Peter Rabbit board books are certainly among her favorites.  

26.  Tickle Tickle Peter:  And this particular board book IS the favorite of the current moment at our house.  It's one of the ones Holiday has completely memorized cover to cover and likes to "read" to me!  

27.  Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales:  A wonderful and essential addition to any children's library! 

28.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit 

For the Bigger Bunnies 

Toddler Girl Collage 1.jpg

29.  Melissa and Doug Blossom Magnifying Glass 

30.  Crocs Handle-IT Rain Boots:  Every small child NEEDS a pair of these boots!  They are completely light weight just like regular Crocs-- so they are perfect even in hot Texas summers.  The handles on top make it super easy for even small toddlers to pull these boots on and off by themselves.  No matter what kind of mess they get into-- a little water and they look perfectly brand new.  We LOVE these boots! 

31.  Hape Sun and Sand Watering Can 

32.  Mudpuppy Magnetic Letters:  These are so sweet and adorable-- a favorite in Holiday's play room! 

33.  Melissa and Doug Blossom Trowel 

34.  Hape Sand and Sun Beach Basics 

35.  Stride Rite Bunny Slippers for Girls 

36.  Melissa and Doug Mollie Flashlight 

37.  Melissa and Doug Butterfly Binoculars 

38. Purple Magnet Wand and Chips:  LOTS of online ideas for play with these!  Along with the chips, we also like to find other magnetic items to use when playing with these-- cut up glittery pipe cleaners are a favorite! 

39.  DOLL Bunny Slippers!  I just ordered these and they are AH-dorable! 

40. Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter Book 

41.  Chick Easter Bow by The Pink Daisy Boutiue 

42.  American Girl Bugs and Butterflies PJs for GIRLS 

43.  American Girl Bugs and Butterflies PJs for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins 

44.  Easter Bow by The Pink Daisy Boutique 

Toddler Girl Collage.2.jpg
Boys Collage.1.jpg
Gender Neutral Collage.jpg

70.  Large Easy Flyer Kite:  We've owned many kites and spending a little more on a better quality kite is WELL worth it and will save you lots of aggravation! 

71.  Elephant's Trunk Game:  If you have preschoolers, these little games are a MUST have.  They are great learning games, well made with fun pieces and easy for little ones to grasp the concepts.  Plus, the few that I mentioned here are GREAT sizes to put in Easter baskets!  

72. Raccoon Rumpus:  Another SUPER fun, must have game for preschoolers! 

73.  Alex Toys Artist Studio Sidewalk Chalk

74.  Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Machine:  Gazillion Bubbles makes THE best bubble solution and bubble blowing products on the market.  Stalk your local WalMart-- every now and then they get the giant refill bottles of this brand and once you use GB, you will never use any other bubble solution (although the stuff from Gymboree is pretty good too)!  This machine is GREAT for tiny ones-- you fill it up, press a button and it creates a hurricane of bubbles! 

75.  Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Gun

76.  Gazillion Bubbles  Bubble Cannon:  This is SO much fun-- this one has a lever where little ones can participate with filling the stick with solution then pulling the lever up to the blower.  It comes with interchangeable wands to create different kinds of bubbles-- from lots of little ones to giant bubbles to bubbles within a bubble!  Kids really like the interactive feature of this one, but if you're wanting mess free or just to create tons of bubbles for your tiny ones, I recommend the regular Bubble Machine! 

77.  Toysmith Kids Gardening Tool Set

78.  Mudpuppy Animals Magnetic Shapes 

79.  Mickey's Easter Egg Hunt Book

80.  Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Plush

81.  Minnie's Easter Bonnet Parade Book

82.  Max's Easter Surprise Book 

83.  Max and Ruby Plush Set

84.  Duck and Goose Here Comes the Easter Bunny Book

85.  Duck and Goose Plush Set 

Jellycat LOVE

Somewhere in the past 3.5 years I discovered a love (and a slight hoarding obsession) for Jellycat stuffed animals.  They are the cutest, sweetest, cuddliest stuffed animals ever!  I'm including links for most of the medium sized ones, but they generally come in small, medium and large.  The medium ones all run around $20.  They have so many options that are way too cute to not include in an Easter basket.  I have a couple of Jellycat items included in the baby inspiration boards above as well.  Their little board books are top notch, Holiday still loves them all and frequently picks them to read at bed time.  

jellycat collage.jpg

86.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Brown

87.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Cream

88.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Gray

89.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Pink Tulip

90.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny,  Bluebell

91.  Jellycat Angora Bunny

92.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Honey 

93.  Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lamb

94.  Jellycat Bashful Duckling

95.  Jellycat Bashful Lamb 

96.  Jellycat Tutu Lulu Bunny, Lilac 

97.  Jellycat Tutu Lulu Bunny, Cream

98.  Jellycat Tutu Lulu Bunny, Petal Pink 

99.  Jellycat Bashful Wriggle Bunny

100.  Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Bunny, Gray 

101.  Jellycat Bashful Bunny Soother, Pink

102.  Jellycat Bashful Lamb Soother, Cream

103.  Jellycat Boubou Beige Bunny

104.  Jellycat Boubou Cream Bunny

105.  Jellycat Sleep Bunny

106.  Jellycat If I Were a Lamb Book

107.  Jellycat If I Were a Duck Book

108.  Jellycat If I Were a Rabbit Book

109.  Jellycat If I Were a Bunny Book

110.  Jellycat Bashful Lamb's Naptime Book

Puffin Classics Books

I came across these books about a month ago and totally FELL IN LOVE.  All of your favorite classics bound in these beautiful, whimsical covers-- they are actually printed on the binding instead of paper covers.  They SO remind me of a very old Reader's Digest series that I loved to look through at my grandparent's home and I had to have them! How perfect for your older elementary readers?!  Of course the decorator in me can't help but think how beautiful these would be on display in a child's room or play room.  

puffin classics collage.jpg
Colorful Kids Collage.jpg

120.  Crayon Rocks:  A friend of mine just told me about these great crayons!  The shape of them forces a child to practice a true pencil grip instead of being able to hold it in their fist 

121.  Beeswax Crayons:  If you've ever colored with beeswax crayons, you know why they are superior!  They lay down color so smoothly and nicely and they're great for blending like you might do with oils

122.  Crayon Rocks Spring Colors:  The same great crayon rocks specially packaged for spring and adorable for Easter baskets! 

123.  Color Appeal Crayon Sticks:  Never have to worry about breaking crayons or sharpening ever again!  These have spectacular color and you just peel them back to expose crayon! 

124.  Power Magnets:  Not for your tiniest bunnies, but there are so many fun activities you can do with these super cute colorful magnets 

125.  Smencils:  Frangrant colored pencils in vibrant colors that smell delicious and transport you back to your elementary years in the school store! 

126.  Sarah's Silks Rainbow Streamer:  I don't know what it is about these things, but kids LOVE them-- it is always a highly coveted toy in our play room any time we have company! 

127.  Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers:  These are GREAT for fine motor skill development.  Preschoolers can practice picking up, sorting and counting all sorts of household objects! 

128.  Counting Bears with Cups:  Another GREAT sorting and counting game-- pefect to go along with the jumbo tweezers.  You will be amazed at how little activities like these keep your preschooler and toddler occupied for hours!  Great learning and teaching opportunities!  


The Well Styled Child & Dazzled Darling Boutique GIVEAWAY!

It all started innocently enough.  For a few months I had been seeing these adorable beaded necklaces for little girls popping up all over the place.  The more I saw, I kept tracing them back to the same place, Dazzled Darling Boutique.  Imagine my surprise when I received my very first package and realized that she lived less than 20 minutes away from me-- it was the start of a beautiful friendship!!!  This was our very first fabulous necklace:


Holiday with her Baby Cousin Cody in Estes Park! 

Holiday with her Baby Cousin Cody in Estes Park! 

These days we have a few more necklaces... in fact, I might be slightly obsessed... 


That's most of them, but there's also... 




SO my dilemma now is that I feel like Holiday's outfits are incomplete without a matching necklace!  If I have new clothes for her, I don't put them on her until I have a matching necklace, headband and shoes!  You would think with 70ish necklaces we'd have something to match everything, but it's just not the case.  I've had so many necklaces custom made to match specific outfits that it makes them not super versatile.

I started thinking about how great it would be to have some simple, solid colored necklaces that would match a LOT of outfits and I asked my friend Jennifer Thomas at Dazzled Darling Boutique what the possibilities would be.  So she sent me this picture to see if this is what I had in mind... it was EXACTLY what I had in mind! 

turquoise wooden bead sets.jpg

I can just see all of the outfit possibilities racing through my head!!!! So my next question to her was how we could make them as affordable as possible for our blog readers and we came up with something FABULOUS!  On Thursday night, February 27th at 7:30 pm CST we will feature sets of FOUR of these adorable necklaces, the price for the entire set will be $40 (plus $6 for shipping).  If you're used to buying custom beaded necklaces, you know what a great deal this is!  AND HOW FABULOUS WOULD THESE BE IN EASTER BASKETS?!?  Especially if you're blessed to have more than one little fashionista in your home!  These necklace sets along with other special Easter surprises will all be on sale on Thursday on Dazzled Darling Boutique Facebook page! Here are a few more examples of the sets that will be available on Thursday night:

Necklace Set.1.jpg
Necklace Set.2.jpg

And now the extra special fun part-- a GIVEAWAY!!!! One of our readers will win this adorable set of THREE necklaces! 

Giveaway Necklaces.jpg


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