Red, White & CUTE

It probably comes as no surprise to you that HOLIDAY clothing pieces are some of my favorites to buy, curate, and hoard! Of course I’m a sucker for all of the fall and Christmas releases, but coming in at a close 3rd position are all the red, white and blue. To me, these colors scream summertime and are appropriate from Memorial Day through Labor Day. I didn’t realize how many pretty patriotic pieces we had until I started digging through our collection. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today and give you an idea of how I’m accessorizing them. I need to add a quick note— on our recent Disney trip, Holiday’s entire suitcase was lost by the airline and never made it to our hotel. I had both her red and navy Mary Janes packed for that trip and haven’t had a chance to replace those yet. At the end, I’ll share some of my favorite shoe options not pictured. I LOVE knee socks and Mary Janes and I think they would be a versatile and fantastic match for every single one of these outfits! Because we wear knee socks so much, I’ve been stocking up on Jeffries from Amazon and have been super happy with them!


This dress was purchased very recently from Momi Boutique and is called The Land of the Free Platinum Party Dress. I think the fabrics have been slightly updated since I purchased this one, but I actually like the new fabrics even better, but the main ones remain the same. Momi Boutique has lots of great patriotic pieces and she generally always ships very quickly! SEE THEM ALL HERE

Styling/ Accessories: Have paired this with classic red Natives. You could also do white or red sandals or Mary Janes and white knee highs. I have the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson paired with this


This is the Nelly Madison Summer on the Farm Hannah Dress. If you can’t find this dress, Nelly Madison has some other adorable patriotic pieces IN STOCK right now- SEE THEM HERE! This is from last year, but available on the BST Boards. I love the versatility of this dress and it just begs to be paired with Old West Cowgirl Boots! Again paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband


One of my MOST FAVORITE Nelly Madison pieces ever- Take Me Out To The Ballgame Hannah Dress with matching bloomers. This is also from last year, but available on the boards. See current Nelly Madison Patriotic Pieces Here. For shoes, you could go a myriad of directions with this— when wearing this last year, we did Mary Janes w/ white knee highs. I have pictured here the Livie and Luca for Matilda Jane Blue To Me Posey Sandal. Also pictured are classic white Saltwater Sweetheart Sandal in White. Again, paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband


I need to say that this Beaufort Bonnet Company Dress is much more adorable in person! This is called the Maerin Fitz Frock and TBBC has recently expanded some of their items up to a size 8. It’s just classic. I didn’t know if it was too young for Holiday, but when I showed it to her, she LOVED it— so I will buy this style for as long as she will wear it! She watches a lot of old-fashioned shows like Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best where the little girls still dress like little girls, so I think that helps! This BEGS to be paired with classic white knee highs and Mary Janes. I have Jeffries Knee Highs linked at the top and several Mary Jane options at the end of this post. Again paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.


If you haven’t tried Wildflowers Clothing yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! This set (it comes w/ matching shorts) is PERFECT for patriotic holidays and all summer long. I think this would even be cute for early fall with a sweet cardi. This is called the Anna Claire Dress Set and retails for $56. I liked how this paired with the white Saltwater Sweetheart Sandals. Again pairing with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.


Closeup of this fabric


Farm Days Pieced Skirt Hummingbird from Quinn’s Closet. This was a limited release, but check the Quinn’s Closet Resale page for it! I paired this with some super cute plain white bloomers I bought on Amazon. It hits Holiday just so you see a tiny bit of the cute, white, eyelet trim at the bottom— Find Them HERE. Again paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.

Here’s a closeup of the pieced hummingbird tunic— so many beautiful fabrics here!

Here’s a closeup of the pieced hummingbird tunic— so many beautiful fabrics here!


So- the Wellington Boots on the skirt, make me want to pair it with Wellingtons, of course. The red Hunter boots are a great match, but might be hot for summer, so I have also shown it with the super lightweight Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boot. Of course the classic Saltwater Sweetheart Sandal would also work well.


Another dress that’s actually new for this season is from Mustard Pie— it’s called the Strawberry Field Isadora Dress. If you’d like to find this dress, I would search for it by name and see which retailers have your size in stock. In pictures I paired this with the Old West boot, but I think it could be equally as cute with simple sandals or Mary Janes with knee socks. As always, paired with the Really Big Ribbon Bow Headband from Hanna Andersson.


One more favorite Nelly Madison piece from last year. This is called the Land of the Free Christina Dress. You could find it on Nelly Madison Resale Boards (via Facebook) or check out their in-stock patriotic pieces HERE. Added the simple white headband bow from Hanna Andersson and the Saltwater Sweetheart Sandal in white.


The T-Strap Mary Janes from Mini Boden were in our lost Disney suitcase. I was sad to have lost these, but recently ordered these in navy. These run big on Holiday, so I size down in them somewhat for her. The one glitch I have with them is that, with rough play, I did notice some of the color fading on the toe with our mustard ones from last fall. See the Mini Boden T-Strap Mary Jane HERE. I expect these to be added in new colors for the upcoming fall collection.


We don’t actually own these, but how can you not love these Halley Ballet Flats from Livie and Luca?!


Also in our lost Disney suitcase, these super classic Navy Ruches from Livie and Luca. These should be re-stocked in new colors with the fall release. These shoes are HARDY, super comfortable and look like new even after many wears.


Sweet September Style

Sweet September Style Blog Cover Photo.jpg

It's hard to believe the "BER" months are officially here...well in a few hours! I want to try something new on the blog and show you what adorable kid clothes I'm building Holiday's seasonal wardrobe with.  

This time of year, I'm always obsessed with everything apples, so I was over the moon when I saw Matilda Jane Clothing Company's past two releases.  Since I know so many of my readers love Matilda Jane as much as I do, I wanted to show you how I'm styling some of our current pieces. 

And BEST OF ALL, tomorrow  is the 1st- so that means NEW pieces are loading to the site early tomorrow morning! I have a party open, so if you need a show to order from- I'm you girl!  

Check out all the sneaks for tomorrow's release at the end of this post!  



Matilda Jane Class President Lap Dress and MJ One Night Only Socks. Shoes are Livie and Luca Navy Blue Astrids (Note: this is a new style of shoe for L&L and running a full size small); Headband Bow is from One Stop Bow Shop 


In this photo, Holiday is wearing the Matilda Jane Put on a Show Cookie Dress and Show Me Stocks. Again, we paired this with the Livie and Luca Navy Blue Astirds. We topped this with the Mini Boden Cable Cardigan in the Soft Blossom Pink Color. These Mini Boden cardigans are a fall/winter/early spring staple for us! 


In this photo, Holiday is wearing the Matilda Jane Patio Party Party Ellie Top from the summer release (still available), we paired this with orange polka dot leggings we already had from RicRac and Ruffles. Boots are the 3 Layer Fringe Boot from Minnetonka and the Cable Cardigan is past season Mini Boden 


Showing the same outfit without the sweater, headband is from One Stop Bow Shop. I love the fall colors on the skirt of this Ellie top-- it so reminds me of pumpkin patch fun! 


Here's another styling option for the Put on a Show Cookie Dress without the sweater. Holiday is wearing white knee high socks and the Livie and Luca Navy Blue Astirds. Bow is from One Stop Bow Shop 

MJ Around the Globe Dress Edited .JPG

Here, she's wearing the Matilda Jane Around the Globe Dress. I LOVE this dress. You need to see the closeups of the apple details on the ruffle sleeves and bottom of the skirt. We paired this with the 3 Layer Minnetonka Fringe Boots. Headband bow is from Hanna Andersson 

Those Apples!!! <3 

Those Apples!!! <3 


In this picture, Holiday is wearing last year's Matilda Jane Dress that was released from the Vault- the Good Vibes Lap Dress. This dress is no longer on their website, but frequently pops up on eBay and on the Matilda Jane Buy/Sell/Trade pages on Facebook. We paired this with the current season One Night Only Socks as well as current season Livie and Luca Tootles (new styled) in Copper. These shoes are AH-mazing! (We also have them in Mustard and they are beautiful!) 


In this photo, Holiday is wearing the Matilda Jane Girls Cameo Flutter. This top is ADORABLE in real life!  It's been on a special BOGO promotion right now-- so you can get a sister set or share one with a friend! She is wearing this top with the Matilda Jane Bright Lights Big Ruffles. Shoes are Livie and Luca Aurora Ballet Flat in the Ruby color, Headband Bow by Hanna Andersson 

I love, love, LOVE the details on this top!&nbsp;

I love, love, LOVE the details on this top! 


This is the Matilda Jane Somethings' Cooking Apron Dress! If you're familiar with the apron style, the apron buttons to the front of the dress and ties around the back. You have the option to wear it with or without the apron. It is darling both ways! In this photo, we paired it with the Matilda Jane Library Book Big Ruffles (match almost this entire current collection) and Native Jeffersons in Galaxy Pink! Headband bow is by One Stop Bow Shop. 


Here you can see the dress again WITHOUT the apron! This time we paired it with the Show Me Socks and the Livie and Luca Astrids in navy blue. Headband bow by One Stop Bow Shop 


Another shot of this with the apron!  How cute is this?! Best of all-- the apron can be worn as a regular half apron too! 


TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!! THE FOLLOWING PICS ARE ALL SNEAK PEAKS OF WHAT IS COMING IN THE MORNING! The details are all back up at the top of this post for how to order! 



Today at The Well Styled Child, we're kicking off some NEW weekly features!  We'll be doing several weekly posts like Fashion Friday, Terrific Toy Tuesday, Mama Monday and Merchant Spotlight Monday.  In the past, I've thrown my heart, soul (along with hours turned into days) into nearly every post.  These weekly features will allow me to give you all the same fabulous things in more bite-size pieces!  Mama Mondays will feature some of my favorite products, styles & home decor that make us Well Styled Mamas swoon!  We've had a few Merchant Spotlight features in the past and will continued to dedicate occasional posts to one brand, boutique or shop that I love and think you need to know about!  And of course, Fashion Friday-- the love of pint-sized fashion that drew us all together to begin with will now become its own weekly feature! 

Today for Fashion Friday, I'm back again with one of my all-time faves-- Matilda Jane Clothing!  I'm going to do a really quick overview on Matilda Jane because I'm always shocked at how many mamas don't yet know about the fabulous-ness that is Matilda Jane, so let me fill you in.  Matilda Jane offers clothing items for babies, little girls, big girls, tweens and adult.  Before spring and then again before the fall kicks off-- there will be several consecutive releases that will build the entire seasonal collection.  For example, on February 1st, we had the first spring/summer release, there were/are consecutive releases on the first of every month through the month of June. 

Unlike other online shopping experiences, to order Matilda Jane, you must order through a Trunk Keeper.  No worries if you don't have a Trunk Keeper, at The Well Styled Child, we have one of the best around-- Kat Kempson!  The day before a new line releases, you will be able to preview the collection online at  Once you find an item you're interested in and select your size, instead of "add to cart", you "add to wish list".  You then email your Wish List to your Trunk Keeper:  The site will walk you through the process once you start adding items to your Wish List! In the bottom field for Jane, you list the person hosting your how if you have one-- I'm hosting right now, so you can list my name, Lindsay Bennett.  

Now the tricky part with a new release is that there are a limited number of each piece created.  If an item is super popular, it can become a "Sell Out" or at least sell out in one or many sizes.  BUT the good news is that the collections are so vast, comprehensive and easy to mix and match that, even with sell-outs,  there are still gorgeous clothes to be had!  

Right now, we're in between releases so Matilda Jane is offering a free gift with purchase for every order of $150 or more.  Holiday is already eyeing up this super cute tote for her American Girl Dolls and accessories!  It really is darling and what girl doesn't love a super cute, girly bag!  


Instead of focusing on sell outs, I wanted to bring you two looks based on key items that are in stock, in nearly every size and ready to order!  I think both of these dresses have been overlooked and, not only does Holiday seriously LOVE both of them-- I can see that these will be go-to items for us all summer long!  

This first dress is the Beautiful Swan Knot Apron Dress, it retails for $56. The Knot Apron dresses are SO versatile!  The apron is removable (just unbuttons) and you can get two distinct looks with or without the apron!  This style is also very easy to layer with short or long sleeves underneath.  You can do shorties for summer, cropped ruffled leggings or long leggings for cooler months!  

Holiday is 32 lbs, 41" tall and wearing the size 4.  She has LOTS of room to grow in this.  We could have easily sized down to a 2 and you'd be able to see last season's Bliss Shorties (blue with white polka dots) underneath!  But I love how this 4 fits!  With the knot tie closures on the shoulder, you can easily adjust the length of this piece, so it can truly grow with your little one!  It also ties around the back to eliminate and extra, noticeable width, but allow growing room for the future! 

The gold headband is from Target, the shoes are the new Farrah from Joyfolie (Holiday said they are her most favorite shoes ever)!  

Here's a closeup of the fabric of swans and turtles. &nbsp;I'm in LOVE with the arrow/heart/feather ribbon trim and this super cute blue, gingham knit ruffle. &nbsp;You can't help but fall in love with&nbsp;all these little details! &nbsp;

Here's a closeup of the fabric of swans and turtles.  I'm in LOVE with the arrow/heart/feather ribbon trim and this super cute blue, gingham knit ruffle.  You can't help but fall in love with all these little details!  

Holiday and I just got back from Charleston, South Carolina a few weeks ago.  We had the best time and one of our trip highlights was definitely visiting Middleton Place Plantation. They have the most picturesque reflecting pool and Holiday loved watching the swans and turtles-- she said this dress will always make her think of our fun time there!  It's definitely a win-win for us! 

Isn't this place breathtaking?! &nbsp;Many scenes from the movie The Notebook were filmed at neighboring Boone Plantation. &nbsp;Side Note-- Holiday is wearing the Matilda Jane Tulip Pearl from the current collection in this photo!&nbsp;

Isn't this place breathtaking?!  Many scenes from the movie The Notebook were filmed at neighboring Boone Plantation.  Side Note-- Holiday is wearing the Matilda Jane Tulip Pearl from the current collection in this photo! 

The second look I want to feature today is this Daisy Charm Dress, it retails for $54.  I hosted a Trunk Show in my home for the last release and fell in love with this little beauty!  As soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be paired with the Minnetonka Fringe Boots.  It is seriously the epitome of summer sweetness.  A well made, adorable dress with beautiful details, comfy and lightweight = summer perfection!  The head wrap is a pink fabric with little white birds made by my friend Annelee over at The Ruffled Cupcake.  She has a Facebook page by the same name-- be sure to check her out (I already checked with her and she can make more of this head wrap-- it's a perfect match)!  

Holiday is also wearing a size 4 in this dress

Holiday is also wearing a size 4 in this dress

Can you tell how much she loves this?!&nbsp;

Can you tell how much she loves this?! 

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!&nbsp;

I feel pretty, oh so pretty! 

Closeup of the Daisy Charm fabric &amp; details&nbsp;

Closeup of the Daisy Charm fabric & details 

All of this modeling is clearly hard work! &nbsp;Made you yawn ;)&nbsp;

All of this modeling is clearly hard work!  Made you yawn ;) 

To order either of these dresses-- just follow the links (the names of the dresses are embedded with links to take you straight to the Matilda Jane website).  You can select your size and add it to your Wish List.  Email the Wish List to Trunk Keeper Kat Kempson at  Kat is an awesome resource to help you select sizes and find pieces.  If you have any questions, pop on over to The Well Styled Child Facebook page or email me from this site and we'll get you hooked up!  If you do submit a list, please include my name, Lindsay Bennett on the bottom of the form as the "Jane" (host for this virtual trunk show)!  

The cost of both of these dresses together is $110, if you'd like to get to the $150 promotion-- I have a few pieces to mix and match with these dresses to give you even more styling options! 

The first are these adorable Pink Petal Leggings.  These leggings retail at $34.  I would probably size down in them to wear them cropped for spring and summer!  They would look darling under either the Daisy Charm or Beautiful Swan Knot!  They are also perfect as a long legging to layer when the weather is cooler!  

Another great addition is this super cute Golden Nancy Headband.  The colors are  a perfect match to the Swan Knot and work well with the Daisy Charmer as well!  It retails for $14.

A second cute headband option is this Darling Details Wrap Headband that retails at $20.  How can you not love this pom pom trim?  Seriously cute addition to either of these dresses and a great versatile accessory with so many outfits from the current spring/summer collections! 

The two dresses, leggings and either of these headbands will qualify you for the free tote bag! 

This little princess&nbsp;is already loving hers-- see her crown?!&nbsp;

This little princess is already loving hers-- see her crown?! 

Kat put together a few other collages for us for items still currently available!  You can view the entire collection at and/or let us help you find just what you need!